Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cool Cruisers - Cruise In - August 10, 2013

Lake Serene Grocery, my car club meets the second Saturday of every month except during the winter months (usually November to March).  Here's pics from the August 10 event.

Now this was interesting.  It's a 1980 TA, done as a Bandit but ...

She's got LS-X power.

One of my favorite cars in the club.

They just don't make interiors like this anymore ... back when cars really were works of art not cookie cutter modes of mediocre transportation.

She's not stock, either.

The line of cars stretches from one side of Lake Serene Grocery, across the entire front, and up the other side.  Get there early to get a parking spot on the front.

Only a handful of clean third gen Camaros and Firebirds left in this area.  This is a '90 RS, bone stock as far as I can tell and nice.  Hard to think that something like a RS Camaro could one day be considered "rare" or "collectible" but because so few good third gen F-bodies exist today this RS has become just that.  Plain Jane back then, knockout today.