Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Moved the '86 TA from deep storage back into the garage.  The battery was dead and I had to put some high-test into it but she fired up and drove fine.  Changed the fluids, did some basic maintenance.  The inspection sticker is several years out of date and the tag is long ago expired.  Guess I'll get those taken care of this weekend.  I won't be driving it very much with only a driver's seat and single seat belt in the car so the interior is going to be the first thing that gets restored, followed by paint, decals and refinishing the wheels.  See the pics here for what she currently looks like.  I decided to put the stock '86 hood back on her as well.  Still haven't gotten the SFCs installed but I'll need to before I get her painted.  The company that I was going to use to install the SFCs went out of business two days after I made an appointment with them.  Go figure.  If anyone knows of a good place in south Mississippi that can install weld-in SFCs on a third-gen F-body, let me know.  I'd even be willing to drive to Louisiana or Alabama if need be.  You wouldn't think it would be this hard to find a shop that would do this work but no one around here wants to handle the work.

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