Wednesday, August 2, 2006

August 2, 2006

Finished up the thermostat.  It took about three days and three hours total labor (spread over those three days) but that's because I did the job in little bits, I didn't work very long on it each time, I had to go get some spare parts to replace worn parts, and I cleaned and remounted the throttle body in the process.  I cranked the car, let it idle and looked for leaks or problems.  None existed so I ran the car down the road.  The temp gauge hovered well below the middle mark until I sat for a while in the median of the highway and watched the temp gauge head towards the middle point and a little beyond.  I got back underway at speed and the needle again began to fall towards 195 degrees.  I'll run the car to work tomorrow and see how she does.

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