Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday, June 8, 2007

I finally got off my butt and ordered the suspension parts for the old girl.  Coming soon from PST are:

  • Performance Polygraphite front end rebuild kit (includes polygraphite front sway bar bushings)
  • Idler arm
  • Center link
  • Hotchkiss coil spring set (x4) - will lower the car about 1" to 1.5" all around for a more aggressive stance
  • Weld-in subframe connectors to tie the subframes together and strengthen the structure (especially with the T-tops)
  • KYB front struts / rear shocks
  • Rear polygraphite sway bar bushing kit (24mm)
I was going to go ahead and order larger front and rear sway bars (the stock ones are 36mm front, 24mm rear) but PST didn't carry anything near the size of the stock bars.  I'll try Hotchkiss for the sway bar upgrade.  I'll follow up with a Hotchkiss complete rear suspension, adjustable panhard rod, aftermarket torque arm and a front strut tower brace in the months to come.  

My goal right now is to get the old girl back to handling like she was new, repaint the ground effects, restore the factory decals and mount the original 16x8 wheels with correct rubber before September 2007.

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