Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday, December 29, 2006

I got off early from work today (because of the impending holiday) and since it was bright and sunny, and since the temperature was such that I could take the T-tops off, air out the TA, and do it all while wearing nothing heavier than a T-shirt for the drive home, I took the chance to do some open air motoring.  Just as I put the second T-top into the bag and went to close it, the zipper pulled away, intact, from the bag material itself.  


Oh, well.  

Time to take the bag to the local saddle shop and see if they can work some magic on 22 year old material.  I have a spare T-top bag I picked up on Ebay a few years ago but it is a later model bag that doesn't have the "GM" logo stamped into the material.  I'll probably try to save this bag then put it up and only display it at car shows.  The other bag, from a parted out GTA, should work fine for normal use.  

As for the trip home, it was great.  

The fresh air blowing in through the open roof, the windows down, the LB9 growling in cruise control and people passing me on the left waving and nodding at the car.  It even got two new fans at the Oloh Chevron where I stopped to top the tank off so my wife could use the TA for the weekend.  

I spent ten minutes talking shop to a man and woman who walked up to admire the car after they had finished filling up their white Denali.  Oh, and just to rub it in; remember, I'm in a black T-shirt, driving a 1986 Trans Am, T-tops off, windows down, at 70 plus miles an hour, at the end of December.  It's good to live in the deep South.  All of you who are reading this right now and looking out your window at two feet of snow ... sucks to be you.

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