Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thursday, November 22, 2006

  •  I forgot when I picked this model up but I had remembered it from my youth.  By the time that the Transformers and Go-Bots were popular, I was already swinging wrenches and chasing women so I'm afraid that I can't tell you very much about this model other than it was one of two models from Monogram in the 1980's that featured a third-gen Trans Am in the same color scheme that my car originally came with.  I picked it up cheap to display along with the car at local shows.  Of humorous interest is the fact that this is a 1985 / 1986 Trans Am but that it features the 1983 style 25th Anniversary Daytona 500 Trans Am Pace Car "aero" wheels (although gold in color).  You can't see it at this detail level, but at 1:1 scale (model box in hand), that's either a guy wearing a black open face crash helmet behind the wheel or David Hasselhoff with a really, and I mean really bad perm / afro.  This model also comes with a decal for the new style hood bird and if you look closely, a power bulge hood (though it is greatly reduced in size from the normal PBH).

"A fearless fighter of the future, this GoBots(tm) warrior can change from a mighty robot
into a sleek Trans Am." -
Golly jeepers!  Says so right there on the side of the model box.


I better go check to see if my TA came with this rare high performance transforming option...  Now that you mention it, I think it would be pretty cool to be sitting in traffic, in Lamar county, next to a pickup truck full of hayseed chewing, Earnhardt worshipping, donkey-bangers when I flip a switch and my TA transforms into a giant robot right next to them.  Why, I'd bet they'd either piss their overalls or swallow their chewing tobacco trying to get out of the truck.  Of course, it's not like my Go-Bot Trans Am could do a lot ... it doesn't even have hands, just two big rectangles for arms and tail-lights for kneecaps.  What a gyp.
In other humorous news, the old girl barked rubber again, hard, on the highway.  JC and I were going to lunch one day, exiting the on-ramp from highway 49 to highway 59 when we had to come to an almost complete stop.  Traffic on the highway was preventing us from merging so I rolled along in the TA at about 5mph, idling.  I saw a break in the traffic and put the long, tall pedal to the carpet.  The LB9 roared under the hood and the front end of the TA lifted noticeably as she shot ahead.  The clocks were spinning as I gently moved over into a four car-length slot in the traffic and when the TA shifted from first to second, she shifted so hard that the rear end broke loose, tires barked and the car slewed to the side noticeably.  A big look of sudden surprise appeared on JC's face then the biggest smile replaced it.
"Hell YEAH!" he said, laughing.  "I don't know what got into you but I wish you'd take it more often!"

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