Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bought a new fuel filter at Autozone and paid a guy at the local garage to install it for me (it was worth the ten bux he charged me, trust me).  The fuel filter he removed was the original filter.  Go figure.  The TA is averaging about 21 and some change miles per gallon, with the AC on or the tops off / windows down and some spirited driving every now and then.  This car has some guts, folks.  I don't rag her and it is seldom if ever that I get down on her hard but I got caught behind some stupid people the other day and ... well, when the way got clear, if they weren't going to make up their mind (uneducated inbred rednecks from Lamar county should never be allowed to drive on paved roads...), I sure as hell knew where I wanted to go.  I had had a long day, I was eager to get home and when Mr. Indecision in front of me moved over into the turn lane (after keeping traffic behind him moving at 30mph in a 45mph zone), I just punched it (one of the few times I have and this time was at the lowest speed ever).  Whoa!  The LB9 roared and the front end of the Trans Am lifted as she squatted down on her haunch, barked rubber and shot ahead.

"Go, baby!  Go!" I shouted, amused that the old girl still had some guts to her after 20 years.

The 700R4 four speed automatic had down shifted when I stomped it and when the tranny shifted up, the rear tires let out a very authoritative, very crisp and rather pronounced bark that surprised even me.  I looked down at the shift indicator as my foot let off the accelerator and my finger tapped the cruise control at 45mph.  The shifter was in overdrive, I hadn't touched it to shift manually at all.

The old girl still has some teeth and a bark to match.  Hot damn!

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