Friday, May 19, 2006

Monday, May 19, 2006

My father contributed $200 to the project for KYB front struts and rear shocks.  I'm going to hold off ordering these units until July or August when I can get some Eibach lowering springs and a pair of weld in subframe connectors for the TA as well.  I might just wait and get all of this done at once, with the larger wheels and fatter tires being installed.

Currently, I am in the unenviable position of being in direct contrast to the situation that Pontiac first experienced in 1984 with their 15th Anniversary Trans Am.  The FATA was the first third generation TA blessed with the 16x8" wheels as part of the package specific tunings of the WS6 suspension and the FATA package group itself.  Only the FATA had the 16x8" wheels in 1984 (wheels that would become the standard wheel for the 1985 WS6 package).  The problem was, while the wheels and tires had tremendous grip, the rest of the WS6 suspension wasn't quite up to the task of working with the 16x8" wheels.  On the other hand, I have a suspension set up for 16x8" wheels and I'm having to take corners with four inches less of rubber on the bottom end.  The 15x7" wheels are okay, but no where near what the rest of the car can produce in the way of handling.  Going into a corner at high speed sometimes gets hairy and I've come to realize that this car just isn't going to feel "right" until the 16x8" wheels and P245/50VR16 tires get back on all four corners.  Right now, it almost feels like I'm going into the corners with four space saver spares mounted on the car, that's how it feels (at least to me).  Pontiac had the problem of the 1984 WS6 suspension wouldn't keep up with the grip of the 16x8" tires.  I have the problem that the 15x7" wheels and tires won't get near the handling and performance of what the 1986 spec WS6 suspension is set up for.   Mostly it's just seat of the pants feel but boy, is it seat of the pants feel.  Maybe I'll also hold off until October when I can throw on larger sway bars front and rear along with the rest of the suspension (LCAs, panhard rod, etc.).  We'll see.  I rather get it all put on at one time instead of a piece today and another piece next week.

I plan on ordering the PHS package and repro window dealer sticker this week.  I'll scan the results when I get them and put them on the site.

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