Saturday, April 1, 2006

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

Well, the TA didn't make it to the local show because I had 30 hours without sleep under my belt and needed to put a pillow under my head.  My dad made the show with his '55 Oldsmobile but he didn't win anything.  The show wasn't very well organized, no categories so my TA wouldn't have stood a chance against the fully restored '50's Studebaker which won.  There were only two prizes, first and second place.  The show redefined the term "rinky-dink."  It was also claimed to be a "cycle" show but the only "cycles" that showed up were a small group of about five posing Harley riders in full dress.  We didn't stay long because I was hungry, tired and short of a '69 Camaro convertible pace car, there really wasn't anything there that made me want to look more than twice and that was while I was at a brisk walk.  Let's hope that the show coming up on April 8th is bigger and categorized.

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