Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Up at 1AM, in Jackson, MS at 4:30AM.  In the air to Cincinnati, OH by 7AM, on the ground in Cincinnati, OH by 9AM.  In the air for Greensboro, NC by 10:45 AM, on the ground in Greensboro, NC by 11:55 AM.  I meet the owner of SNAPPY AUCTIONS, Joe, at the airport and he drives me back to their company office in a local strip mall just a few miles away.  I finish the paperwork and take possession of the 1986 TA.  One of the first things I discover is that it actually is a WS6 car; it has the wrong size wheels and tires which is what was confusing me when looking at the pictures provided with the auction.  The car is perfect and appears to have been transported through a time warp in 1986 to present day.

On the long trip home (750 plus miles), I discover that the smaller wheels and tires are really throwing off the speedometer reading by upwards of 15 to 20mph.  Everything on the car works perfectly.  An intermittent SES light I attribute to the wrong size wheels and tires and bad data at the VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor.  The whole day from the time I woke up to the time I put my head down that night in bed has been one grand adventure.  

I spend the night in Jefferson, GA at a Comfort Inn.  There I verify that not only is this TA an original, all factory  WS6 car (by decoding the RPO sheet in the center console) but that she also originally came with the 16x8 wheels.  What ever happened to the original wheels is a mystery, one of many surrounding this TA.

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