Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday, March11, 2006

  • Here is the 1/32 scale Monogram model of an '85 TRANS AM which I won off of Ebay.  This model is presented in the two tone color scheme which I really like.  Whether I paint the lower ground effects gold and two-tone the car or just keep it monochromatic black is up for debate right now.  I really have wanted a black and gold TA but this car is just too good and too clean to pass up.  The debate on whether to keep the stock factory monochromatic paint scheme or go to a copy of the two tone black and gold paint scheme will play heavy on my mind for the next week and a half and I'll look at my options from every angle, trying to find as many pictures and color combinations of monochrome and black and gold two tone TAs that I can find.

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