Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10, 2006

The TA is starting to run hot and I'm smelling burnt coolant.  Again.  This time it appears that the radiator is boiling over into the coolant tank.  Since everything else appears to be working properly, I'm guessing its a 20 year old thermostat gone bad.  I get a new OEM 195 degree thermostat, gasket, and both radiator hoses as well as fresh coolant.  Just to check on a nasty hunch, I pop the top of the radiator and prepare myself to see some kind of brown / rust colored sludge.  I'm, instead, pleasantly greeted by a radiator that looks so clean, it could have been installed yesterday.  I've never seen a radiator this clean before in a car with this many miles on it.  Unreal.  So, thermostat it is.  I look at the "igloo" that houses the thermostat and realize that if I don't want to say a lot of words that will make Jesus cry, I'm going to have to take off the throttle body to get to the two bolts holding the thermostat housing in place.  I park the TA, cover it in its tarp and cover, and plan the project for another day when I have some time.

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